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Easily monitor your websites using intuitive widgets and cloud-based monitoring!

Site Checker is the powerful, easy to use, website monitoring tool for system administrators, web developers, designers, and any one else that wants or needs to check website availability from their phone or from our cloud-based monitoring solution.

Configure an unlimited number of sites to check for availability directly from your phone with stylish widgets and one-touch site-availability testing. Simply set a name and provide the URL to get started. For your most important sites, use our cloud-based monitoring service to continuously check your sites on an interval basis with push notifications directly to your phone if and when a status change occurs.

The pro version also provides the ability to share history results with your system administrators, developers, management, anyone.

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Any status other than 200 is considered a problem and highlighted in the application and directly on the widget(s). Cloud-based monitoring allows your sites to be tested without draining your battery and with minimal data usage by utilizing push notifications.

When site tests are initiated from the phone, the favicon for the site is downloaded and presented on first run to provide a quick visual reminder of the site. The full content of the page is retrieved and kept in the history along with how long it took the page render.

Note: The lighter theme and ActionBar navigation is available on Ice Cream Sandwich devices (Android 4.0+).

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Available in Android Market
Whats New!

  1. Added ability to share history. Select history items and easily share results with your system administrators,
  2. developers, management, anyone.
  3. Updated UI for Ice Cream Sandwich devices to use a lighter theme and the ActionBar for navigation.
  4. Introducing cloud-based monitoring of your sites! Enable one site for free monitoring in the cloud with push notification directly to your phone if your site's status changes. Upgrade to the pro version to monitor up to 20 sites from the cloud!